Patti's FAQ

Where did Patti get her name?
Patti was named by her first owners after the singer Patti LaBelle, not Patty Duke, Peppermint Patti, or Patty O'Furniture.
How much does Patti weigh?
That's not very nice, is it? She weighs less than she did in Philadelphia, and she's still on her way down. The diet is a touchy subject with her; she doesn't think she's fed nearly enough.
What was Patti's most embarrassing moment?
Most of her embarrassing moments involve her inability to gauge distances before she jumps. She has missed the windowsill on more than one occasion and come crashing down into whatever's on the floor. These days she mostly parks herself on the floor under the window and watches birds from a safe altitude.
What are Patti's hobbies?
Sleeping, waking up her parents repeatedly throughout the night, watching birds, inviting all her friends over for wild parties when her parents are gone, hunting bugs and lizards in the house, finding exciting new toys like rubber bands and twist ties, and making sure her hair is evenly distributed throughout the house.
What does Patti think of all this moving around?
Patti hates excercise.
No, the moves you keep making.
Patti doesn't play chess.
NO, the moving from Winston-Salem to Philadelphia to Baton Rouge and now to the new house!
Well, Patti does not enjoy her carrying box, but she will be thrilled to be in a house. Her parents have assured her that she will not have to move for several years after that.