Good news!

Yeah, you probably already read about it, but we're pregnant again. We're due early February, so the new kid can almost share my birthday. We're calling it Beta until we find out more about it in September. Kent was known as Baby X but one could think of him as Alpha; if we have a third kid maybe it'll be Gamma. Leave it to an actuary to name kids after probability distributions...


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Reasons 30 is Awesome (so far)

Yesterday I turned 30 and I had a great day, in no small part because of Erica's efforts to make sure I had as good a day as possible. But so many good things happened I had to share a few.

  • Kent and Erica gave me my presents first thing in the morning. They were wrapped in custom Kent-painted wrapping paper. It was awesome :)
  • My mom emailed me a quick note about the day I was born. Something I probably knew at some point but had forgotten: my father was the first person to hold me after I was delivered. Now that I'm a dad this means even more to me than it might have before Kent.
  • Speaking of Kent, I had a great surprise waiting in my email box when I got to work yesterday morning: R Kent Angert, Actuarial Assistant Reporting for Duty!
  • I got phone calls from my parents and my sister wishing a happy birthday, in addition to several emails, a text from Granny and Uncle Mark, and a coworker that I hardly know wishing a happy birthday (guess he checked the birthday list; I didn't advertise that it was happening at all).
  • Erica and Kent came to meet me for lunch and we sat outside on a nice spring day at one of our favorite downtown restaurants.
  • Erica made an excellent Queen of Sheba cake based on my sister's suggestion. She even made the cardamom strawberries to put on top. Yum!


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Quick turnaround

I finished my corporate finance exam at around 4PM on Thursday and they sent me an email telling me that I passed at around 7PM on Friday. If only the SOA could get results out so quickly! This is likely the last update on the handy pie chart until November or so, but here's the current incarnation:

Meanwhile, Erica is heading back out of town on Tuesday to visit her mom's parents for a few days in West Virginia. I get to stay in Baton Rouge and work and try to make up some of my lost study time.

Finally, Kent's sleep revolution appears to be over, as he has not done well with the roll-him-over method the last two nights but has done ok with walking. So it goes.


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I can't stop reading

my dad's blog. This past Christmas we went home to see my folks and my brother-in-law and I helped dad take the engine out of one of his bikes so that he could get part of the frame welded. Lots of hitting things with hammers and crawling on our knees in gravel on a chilly, but not freezing, afternoon. Fun.

Here's a photo of dad taking me for a spin in the side car back in 2004. More fun!






Is anyone still out there?

If so, you'll be happy to see that there's a new photo gallery on Kent's website, covering the span from mid November to the end of February. Kent is 8 months old now, believe it or not. Crazy eh?

Since I last wrote I took and passed an online course in applied statistics (the final exam was on my birthday). It wasn't as difficult as one of the actuarial exams, but there are three college course credits I have to get so it's nice to get one out of the way. I'll be trying to get another one, maybe two, done in May after my exam. I'll be headed to Atlanta for that seminar I mentioned in less than a month, so there's lots of studying to do between now and then so that I can soak up what's being said rather than trying to learn it on the fly.

And, it's spring, so hope returns along with baseball (and lawn mowing, which I haven't gotten to quite yet). We're about a third of the way through the draft for my actuary league, where I will try to better last year's middle of the pack finish. The Queen City Fantasy League starts drafting in a little over a week, and the Baton Rouge Dirty Diapers will have the pleasure of defending last year's title.

Finally, my sister has started her own blog and I have been enjoying it. I have quite the crafty sibling!


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Kent Speaks

We were at Erica's step brother's wedding this past weekend, and we told everyone that after being around all those people, Kent would suddenly start talking a lot more. Fresh video from earlier this evening proves our powers of prognostication. And also that sometimes I get a little too excited...


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I've run this page through the W3C's HTML validator and fixed a few things. It now checks out :) This step was taken in no small part due to my fiancee's mother, who wanted to know why the countdown on our wedding page would sometimes say that we were married (incorrectly, I assure you!). She is an AP Computer Science teacher and she was visiting another professor and they tried to fix it. In the process they took my code to task, pointing out to my shame that there were several places where my HTML and CSS were lacking. With their guidance, the help of the validator, and A List Apart, I've managed to get this page and the other one corrected. I'll be revising the rest of the site later this week as I wait with bated breath for employers to call. Incidentially, the CSS on this page doesn't validate, but that is due to a few hacks that the people who designed it implemented. If everyone used an up-to-date standards compliant browser it wouldn't be a problem. Until then...


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Welcome to my new homepage. This one was created with the help of BlueRobot's Layout Reservoir. The photography pages still need to be overhauled, but I'll work on that next week.

We've nearly settled in here in Philly, with only a few amenities lacking, such as the dining room chairs that we haven't gotten around to staining and putting together. We're going to be taking care of those on the 4th of July weekend. This weekend we're going down to Baltimore to help my sister move to a new apartment. Apparently it's just down the street from where she lives now, so they're not renting trucks or anything, just making a nice long ant line from one apartment to the other. They're putting us up for the night and taking us out to see her boyfriend's band, so that should be cool :)

Erica has gotten a job at Borders, as you may know if you've been reading her updates. I've gotten the cold shoulder from most companies up here, but I'm plugging along, working on better web authoring techniques since it's been about two years since I seriously pursed it and things have changed. Most companies, even the temp agencies, are looking for 3-5 years previous experience in the IT sector. A guy at one agency told me that about four thousand workers have been let go in the last year or so, and so I guess they are able to fill their ranks with the semi to uber experienced. One lady had the gall to tell me to call back in 3-5 years. I wanted to tell her I'd be working by then and wouldn't need her help, but I guess with the way things have gone recently that's not guaranteed either. So it goes...

In the meantime if you know of anyone who needs a little web help I'm open for some contract work. My skill level isn't quite where I'd like it to be, but that will be reflected in the cost of the work. Besides, if I can get a few things in my portfolio I can show those to the folks who want 3-5 years and see if I can get any of them to actually pay attention to me.


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