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I finally finished the first module in the Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice (FAP) this week, about two months after I started. The official estimate is that the modules should take about a month each but we've been busy and there were things about the final project that I had to mull for a while. I had a couple of eureka moments but in the end it's nothing so great that it has to be shared. Someone on the Actuarial Outpost has a quote about how things seem easy in retrospect but it is the challenge of looking at them prospectively and getting to the point of retrospection that is the hard part. I feel like that's the case here. It will eventually get graded and don't expect any problems, but since it's my first work in this format who knows.

Unfortunately, I took too long on the first module to realistically have a chance at completing the second one before I need to turn my attention to Exam C for the fall, so I've started studying for my exam about two weeks ahead of my original planned study schedule. Hopefully that will give me enough leeway to finish when I had planned to finish and be ready for the exam. So far so good but I've only been studying for two days and I've only done 10 sample problems. I'm trying to watch a video lesson each day and do about 5 problems afterwards to maintain a steady pace. When I tried getting ready for the exam in May I kept having bursts of progress followed by lulls when I didn't get anywhere, and by the time the registration deadline arrived I knew I wouldn't be ready to take the exam. So it goes. With my current schedule I should be done in mid-late September and then I can focus on my weak areas and work practice problems until I'm sick of them.

After my exam in November I will return my attention to the FAP modules for a few more months and try to get one or two more finished before February, when things will get a lot busier and I'll probably have to take a break. But I've got a good reason to pause, so that's ok.


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Wow, I hadn't looked a the chart in a long time, you are making progress. Hope you have lovely time with family in NJ. Hugs and kisses all around, and one for Beta too.

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