Some reading, anyone?

I got my books for the FAP modules on Monday. Fortunately I don't have to read every page of each one, but right now I'm not exactly sure how much reading from each book will be required. When you get to the appropriate point in the slides it tells you to read from a certain book before continuing. In addition to the books, there are an unknown number of slides per unit, as well as 350 PDFs that I downloaded last week when I first signed up, and on one slide we've had links to articles on the web, so who knows how much this whole thing will entail. I didn't expect the FAP to be easy, but I didn't realize the extent of the time commitment just due to reading.

So far it is going pretty well. The unit I am in is about the profession of being an actuary, and while it started off as a pep rally for actuaries, the tone has shifted. There are new areas of business, such as enterprise risk management, that actuaries would be well suited to work in, but because many employers outside of the insurance industry don't know much about actuaries they often aren't looking for actuaries to fill those roles, instead preferring MBA types. ERM is an area that I am interested in learning more about, and if you notice I've got a book about the topic in my stack. If I decide it's an area I want to pursue I may have additional challenges convincing an employer to hire me compared to traditional areas, but as I have learned, many of the areas that are now considered traditional for actuarial practice were new frontiers not too long ago.





whoa! That's a lot of reading..good luck!!

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