Change of pace

Last time I wrote about the exams I had just passed Exam MFE and was champing at the bit to dig into my 1,250 page study guide for Exam C. For planning purposes I usually estimate that I can cover 50 pages per week, even though I often struggle to do so and have to revise my study schedule multiple times as I have studied for most of my exams. In this case, by the time I was able and ready to order the study guide I estimated that I would finish the study guide about three weeks after the exam date. Not so good.

A few days later I chickened out and instead signed up for an online video seminar from The Infinite Actuary. The sample study schedule for the TIA seminar said I would be done about March 25th, which would leave me with six weeks to work on practice problems and get on top of my game for the exam. But, I started about a week behind their study schedule and managed to get further and further behind on that too. So instead of taking the exam in May when I know I won't be truly prepared, I am switching gears and starting the Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice (FAP) online modules.

The FAP is a self-paced online course that deals with the business practice of being an actuary, whereas the exams I have been taking so far have been geared toward technical math skill and knowledge. It involves more writing to communicate the results and implications of the calculations and less emphasis on learning how to do the calculations themselves. Hopefully I can complete two or three of the modules before I switch back to studying for Exam C in July.

The good news for me is that if I can get a few modules out of the way and then get ready for C in November I have a good chance of being finished with my ASA by next Spring. The good news for you guys is that I should be filling in more of the pie chart sooner rather than later.


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