"ti tew"

is what it sounds like when Kent says thank you. Erica taught him to say thank you a few months ago and he's very deliberate to say "ti tew" to us when we hand him his sippy cup, or when he hands it back after he's done, or when he does certain jobs around the house. When I was home the other day Erica pointed out to me that when she asks Kent to go put socks in his hamper, he often says "ti tew" as he drops them in, even if we're still out in the living room and there's no one around. And apparently when we went to the library this past weekend to drop some books off, Kent added a "ti tew" when he saw me put the books into the book drop, even though he was still strapped into his car seat across the parking lot.

Kent and Erica left this morning to start our Spring Tour '09. I'm staying in Baton Rouge for two more days because I didn't have enough leave for the whole trip, but I'm catching up with them in Raleigh on Thursday afternoon. Can't wait to see them again :)


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I know you can't wait to be up at 5:15 again, too... I got him back down, but I didn't even try to fall back asleep. It's going to be a long day. We miss you. =)

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