Reasons 30 is Awesome (so far)

Yesterday I turned 30 and I had a great day, in no small part because of Erica's efforts to make sure I had as good a day as possible. But so many good things happened I had to share a few.

  • Kent and Erica gave me my presents first thing in the morning. They were wrapped in custom Kent-painted wrapping paper. It was awesome :)
  • My mom emailed me a quick note about the day I was born. Something I probably knew at some point but had forgotten: my father was the first person to hold me after I was delivered. Now that I'm a dad this means even more to me than it might have before Kent.
  • Speaking of Kent, I had a great surprise waiting in my email box when I got to work yesterday morning: R Kent Angert, Actuarial Assistant Reporting for Duty!
  • I got phone calls from my parents and my sister wishing a happy birthday, in addition to several emails, a text from Granny and Uncle Mark, and a coworker that I hardly know wishing a happy birthday (guess he checked the birthday list; I didn't advertise that it was happening at all).
  • Erica and Kent came to meet me for lunch and we sat outside on a nice spring day at one of our favorite downtown restaurants.
  • Erica made an excellent Queen of Sheba cake based on my sister's suggestion. She even made the cardamom strawberries to put on top. Yum!


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You are so precious. And so is that little "actuarial assistant". Will the extrordinary Erica be making Queen of Sheba cake over the Easter holiday?
Love kisses and hugs to all...

# posted by Blogger Mom A : 2/13/2009 10:14 PM  

Yay for happy birthdays! The actuarial assistant photos are soooo funny!
Glad you liked the cake!

# posted by Blogger anilia : 2/14/2009 7:50 AM  

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