The day after Christmas we were going to have pancakes for breakfast. Erica went through the preparations the night before, setting out the sourdough starter, milk, and flour. But that morning she was tired and I got up with Kent to let her sleep in. I decided that I could try to make the pancakes, knowing where to find Granny's recipe and being very hungry myself. The hardest part of the recipe was separating three eggs, which I managed to do using only three eggs; I had been pretty sure I'd have to set a broken yolk aside to scramble when I was starting out.

Kent watched the whole production without comment, but when it was time to beat the egg whites with the hand mixer he took a look at me and hollered "Mama! MAMA!" Apparently he was concerned that someone besides mom was in the kitchen and thought she should be aware of the situation. A moment later Erica came in to survey progress but by then the coffee was made, the egg whites were fluffy, and I was ready to put the pancake batter on the griddle.

Only after we were halfway through cooking the pancakes did I comment on how I had used the full recipe since the last time we made pancakes Erica said she would stop making half recipes. Except she forgot in the meantime, and the starter was only a half recipe. Still, they turned out ok and Kent got to enjoy pancakes for breakfast for several days in a row.


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You get an A for effort. I think Adrian would have just driven to Panera.

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