Kent and Daddy's big day

Yesterday was the most mommy-free time that Kent and I have ever spent together, and we had a great time. It started with Erica asking me to go to the local fried-chicken place for some biscuits to go with our breakfast. Unfortunately it was closed and we ended up going to a fast food chain. But we still enjoyed them with the homemade peach butter that Erica made a few weeks ago.

Later in the morning we went to church, and after the service Erica had a meeting, so Kent got to work on walking up and down stairs, which he loves, and then we went out to the playground, where Kent enjoyed the swings. All of the swings. After he had been in one swing for a little while he'd let me know he was done, and as soon as he hit the ground he'd walk to another and ask for a ride. I think he liked the one with the squeaky chain the best.

We finished on the playground by going over to the big kid section and going down the tube slide. I'm not sure if he's ever been in a tube slide before. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to keep a hand on him while he went down, but he really loved my solution of setting him at the top and quickly ducking my head into the bottom of the slide to pull him down to me. I lost count of how many times we did it, but there was always a request for "mor" when he got to the bottom until mommy was done with her meeting.

After lunch I took Kent shopping with me while Erica worked on her dissertation. We needed a few cabinet/drawer safety devices and a few other miscellaneous things that I figured I could get everything done at Babies R Us and the adjacent Wal-Mart. Kent fell asleep on the way there but I was able to get him into the stroller without waking him too much and he slept a while longer while I picked out drawer latches. After he woke up we moved on to a supposedly quick stop at Wal-Mart. Kent showed some great patience while we stood in line (note to self, not doing that again if I can help it).

On the way home we heard an interview with a banjo player who had traveled to Africa to discover the origins of his instrument. Anything that starts with a B sound gets Kent excited, so he started saying "Ba!" when he heard them say banjo. When the guests started playing Kent kept saying "Ba!" in time with the music, so I joined in, saying "Ba!" on the off-beats. Kent did pretty well at staying in tempo for the first part of the song but he did start to slow down toward the end. He finally dropped out but then came back in, now saying "Ba!" with me. The next time the musicians started playing I got him to clap along, albeit erratically. It was a fun musical end to our shopping trip, and when we got home a few minutes later we were both excited to see mommy.

With Erica building up some momentum on her dissertation I'm sure we'll have more days like this. Can't wait.





It is so cool how much he progresses all the time. Everyday, a little more interactive (if that is even the right word) and ready to respond in ways new and different.

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