Great moments in fatherhood

Several months ago I was walking Kent to sleep when I got a sudden and irresistible tickle in my nose. I knew that if I sneezed I would probably have start all over again with my routine to get him to drift off to sleep, but it couldn't be helped. Resolute in my decision, I went ahead and sneezed. Right next to his ear, as his head was on my shoulder. Not only did he wake up, he also started bawling, and after a few moments trying to get him to calm down he had to be rescued by mom.

Tonight I was facing a similar situation. Kent was basically asleep but when I got the tickle in my nose I knew I'd never have time to set him down in his crib and get out of the room. Resolute in my decision, but not wanting a repeat of the previous sneezing incident, I held him up in front of me and sneezed into his blanket-wrapped belly. Thankfully this time Kent didn't stir, and a few moments later I was out of his room and he was off to dream land.





Ha! So cute. Sneezing into his tummy sounds like something he might find funny & silly when he's awake, too! :-)

# posted by Blogger Lauren : 7/12/2008 10:39 AM  

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