Monday, April 18, 2005

Thoughts from a cat mom

It occurs to me tonight that I don't think I've ever felt the sheer love for something under my care that I feel for this kitten of mine, this Calico Wonder, this smaller of my two fuzzy children.

After I rearranged the living room furniture tonight in an attempt to quash a bad case of writer's block, she spent hours climbing on and playing around each piece of furniture in its new location. Having the green padded chair next to the window instead of next to the fireplace is evidently more exciting than even I could have imagined, as she spent most of her exploring time on or under it. She also made several attempts at climbing the back of the sofa, but since it's now against the wall, she kept having to stop when her little claws hit the top where the sofa and wall meet. This is a new experience for her, since the sofa has never been against a wall, and it's once which I'm sure will keep her stymied for several weeks until she figures out that the sofa isn't going to move to accommodate her wanderlust.

Celia is not like other cats. Most cats are hands-off, and they're usually interested in being around a person only at infrequent intervals. Before I had cats, I used to think I didn't like them because they weren't loving enough. Now, there is Celia. She purrs when we pet her, she purrs when we pick her up, she purrs when she eats -- heck, she even purrs when she's sitting alone in the laundry bin full of dirty clothes. I never knew a needy cat before and thought I'd never meet one, but she likes us so much that she meows sadly if she wakes up in the night and can't figure out where we are. (Of course, we're always in the same place -- asleep in bed -- so maybe she just wants to announce her awakeness so that we're then awake enough to pet her.)

Further proof of her anomalous nature is in these moments we pet her in the middle of the night when we're supposed to be sleeping. The last time she came in for pets, I lay on my back so that she could lie on my stomach and be a happy, purring cat. After several minutes, I was tired of petting her and wanted to roll over, so I started rolling slowly to get her to move. Whereas other cats would spring from my belly the moment I moved a muscle, Celia decided to try to weather the storm. She shifted her weight and stood sideways, the way a person stands sideways on a steep hill, and she refused to move until I had rolled into a vertical position. Even then, she just walked a few steps to sit on her sleeping dad, and she never stopped purring.

I've been remembering in more detail lately the day we picked her out at the PetsMart adoption fair. First of all, she was tiny. The first pictures we took of her (see below) don't accurately portray her tininess, since we had to wait several weeks between picking her out and taking her home after her spaying. She dazzled us with her tiny cuteness, and she dealt the final blow when I picked her up and she started purring right away. A kitten purr has got to be one of the cutest things ever, and she had such a loud rumble!

When we first brought Celia home, Patti seemed ready to camp out under our bed for eternity, so I'm grateful they've learned to coexist in a somewhat peaceful manner. It's nice to see the rare moments now when Patti and Celia walk up and nose each other instead of Patti hissing and Celia chasing her gleefully down the hall. Celia never seems to tire of chasing Patti, nor does she tire of hiding behind things and surprising Patti when she walks around a corner. Celia does the same thing to us, but she always peeks her head out to make sure we're coming, allowing us to catch a glimpse of the fate awaiting us around the corner. I usually play along and let her leap out in front of me, and I'm always sure to tell her how clever she is and that I almost didn't see her. Patti does not placate her in the same manner, however. Patti is usually rather embarrassed that she didn't see it coming, so she swats at Celia, lets out a little hiss, and trots defiantly on her way.

Celia has many names. Bo Beep. Celia Bedelia. Squeaker. Little Bitty. Patoodle. Nut. Nutty Nut. I believe the last one comes the closest to encapsulating her.

I hope this love for a cat isn't too unhealthy. =)

Sunday, December 05, 2004

New pics

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Happy Half Birthday

Celia is six months old today. She doesn't know it yet, but we'll be sure to have some kind of celebration, since we're both off from school/work on Hurricane leave. Happy Half Birthday to the kitten!

Friday, September 03, 2004

A petite update

Just wanted to let anyone know who happened to be checking here periodically...

Celia is about 6 pounds now, so she's well on her way to being a real cat. We don't know how big she's going to get, but I think she's just about done growing since she's almost six months old (September 16th). Her meows, though no less frequent, are at least a bit lower-pitched now. I have almost completely stopped calling her Squeaker, which was one of her many nicknames.

Her ringworm on her face seems to be just about cleared up, but we go to the vet Tuesday to see officially. She was there last month and had to endure having her ringworm-infected whiskers being plucked out one by one, but the stuff didn't seem to be anywhere but in her hair follicles, so hopefully it hasn't sprung up anywhere else in the mean time. It would be nice to stop giving her medicine every day!

She and Patti are beginning to get along a little better, and they've been seen napping together for literally minutes at a time, which is quite exciting. Patti is still skeptical whenever Celia comes around, but I don't blame her. If I got jumped and/or swatted at by the kitten every time she came near me, I'd be skeptical too. =) Anyway, I think we will soon have two harmonious cats and will be a real family... hehehe.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Celia after a week here

Here's a shot of Celia with her favorite mouse toy, looking a little happier to be here than she did in the first pictures!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Itty bitty kitty

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Coming soon...